1 ton Lightweight trolley

  • The trolley CH1-SA is specially designed for the transport of tools and materials. The flexible and adatpable handle allows pushing and pulling of the trolley by one single operator
  • Ease of loading is ensured due to its low profile & large wheels provide extra stability on rails
  • Fully insulated, it does not interfere with the network circuit signalisation
  • Two ergonomic lifting handles allow easy handling of the trolleys as its weight is evenly spread
  • The long life span of the trolley is ensured by high quality components such as heavy duty brake, robust platform, cast iron wheels…

Tekniske Data

Loading capacity1 tonne
Dimension of the platform : 1 725 x 650 mm (for 1 067 mm)

2 090 x 650 mm (for 1 435 mm)
GaugesAnyone of any gauge
Brake systemParking screw brake
InsulatedYes thanks to non conductive materials
Wheels diameter150 mm
Dimensions (l x W x H)For 1067 mm gauge : 1 750 x 1 740 x 195 mm

For 1435 mm gauge : Approx. 2 120 x 1 740 x 195 mm
MassApprox 70 kg

Technical details are for information only


Deadman braking systems
Side pannels

Technical details are for information only

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