Automatic rail end brushing machine

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  • The BRA32 is fully automated and does not require an operator.
  • It is designed to brush both ends of the rails (head, foot & web) using 2 brushes without any additional movements of the machine or the rails to facilitate and simplify the operation
  • The machine gives you the option to use steel wire brushes or flap wheel brushes for more power.

Tekniske Data

1 upper brush for rail headø 250 mm, width 120 mm
Power of the upper brush11 kW
1 lower brush for rail foot and web sectionø 250 mm, width 180 mm
Power of the lower brush22 kW
Rotating speed of the brush3,000 rpm
Cycle (automated)150s
Rail clamping (2 rams)2 x 18 kN (maxi)
Dust suction7,5 kW, 4,000m³/h
Hydraulic power3 kW, 60 bars, 23l/min
Hydraulic oil tank100l
Pneumatic power (to be supplied by customer)7 Nm³ at 6 bars
Total powerApprox. 48 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)5,200 x 2,000 x 2,200 mm (machine)
Mass of the machine only3,400 Kg
Total mass of the installation5000 Kg

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Abrasive flap wheel brush device

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