Automatic rail weld grinding machine

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  • You can minimise operational costs with the MAS 150  which is fully automated with no operator required
  • To ensure efficiency the MAS 150 references the grind stone to the rail without the use of a mechanical copying system
  • The grinding finish is compliant with the most demanding requirements of high speed networks, giving you the best finish possible
  • A short automated grinding cycle time gives you high productivity

Tekniske Data

Grinding stone diameter150 mm
Grinding speed rotation5,400 rpm
Hydraulic engine displacement10 cm³/tr
Range of the grinding support1,000 mm
Grinding beam rotation180° (+/-90°)
Automatic cycle time4 min
Extraction system5,5 kW, 3,000 m³/h
Hydraulic power18,5 kW, 150 bars, 56 l/min
Hydraulic oil tank250 l
Pneumatic power to be supplied by customer140 Nm³ at 7 bars
Total power onboardApprox. 37 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)5,500 x 3,500 x 2,100 mm (machine only)
Mass7,000 Kg (machine only)

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Integrated measuring laser system

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