Autonomous ballast loading & unloading wagon

  • The WACAD offers you an automated & continuous system for loading ballast from a single point such as a worksite, ballast wagon or a ballast cleaning machine
  • The large loading capacity and design feature to allow loading while the train is moving makes it suited to situations when you are short on time
  • Due to the large storage capacity, the WACAD can be used as a ballast supply source when loading is halted, thereby offering you important versatility on certain worksites.
  • The WACAD offers you the potential to work in any environment even under live catenary, making it a useful option for many worksites

Tekniske Data

Number of wagons- 1 x "Power" wagon

- From 1 to 3 standard ballast hoppers
Control of the continuous loading of the ballastWith remote control
Types of hopper controlUsing video on touchscreen tablet
Maximum ballast flow500 m3/h
Power of the "Power" unit/wagon100 kVA
Wagon capacity40 m3

Technical details are for information only

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