Ballast undercutter blade

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  • Compatible with most Road/Rail Loaders, the Geismar undercutter blade is highly recommended for setting up geotextiles and limited sleeper replacement works
  • Easy to use and fully operated by a single worker from the safety of the cabin, the undercutter will help you perform any work on used ballast and replace the ballast without touching rails.
  • Economical compared the hourly cost of the ballast cleaning train, as well as offering a high output, Geismar undercutter blade is a must-have to prepare the track before using a ballast cleaning train

Tekniske Data

Undercutter lenghtApprox. 3,200 mm
Undercutting speedapprox. 2 m/s
Undercutter orientationHorizontal axis at 180°
Draining ballast systemIntegrated in the blade
Mass1,800 kg
CompatibilityWith the following rail/road loaders : KGT-E, KGT-4RS & KGT-P; other Hi-rail loaders on request.

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