Battery-powered abrasive rail saw

  • The Activion rail saw is the most powerful and ergonomic electric machine in the market for rail cutting. You find MTZ’s traditional easy and quick set up enhanced by an advanced turnaround system that delivers you the perfect cut every single time
  • Powered by Geismar’s unique battery technology, you get 6 cuts to a battery charge and cuts within seconds with its exceptional blade speed
  • You and your surrounding environment benefit from zero gas emission for underground or tunnel work and very low acoustic impact for night work in urban areas
  • Geismar’s technology, saves you money over its extended lifetime; lasting longer and providing very low operation and maintenance costs

Tekniske Data

Power output6,300 W
Cutting time75-90 s
Autonomy6 cuts at minimum
Disk size350 mm or 400 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)970 x 260 x 500 mm
Mass21 kg without battery

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