Compact & precision coachscrewing machine

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  • The TC offers you a robust design is simple to use, meaning that you need only one operator to operate this machine
  • You will find the TC perfectly balanced, and due to a powerful & accurate tightening system with 2 speed gear box, the TC is suitable for all track renewal and maintenance operations
  • All the necessary controls as well as the ergonomic torque dial provides you with high level operational efficiency conditions under all working conditions and any environment

Tekniske Data

Engine(s)Petrol, diesel or electric
Maximum unscrewing torque100 daN.m
Number of tightening speeds2
Traversing trolleyyes
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,030 x 620 x 870 mm
MassApprox. 97 kg ( machine only)

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Lighting system
Auto-braking 4 wheeled traversing trolley
Protective cover
Removable fishbolt device

Technical details are for information only

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