• The V2R-GRF Road Rail Crane/Drilling Vehicle is our most flexible solution for auger or core drilling operations as well as maintenance operations by utilising the telescopic arm.
  • Its design and its mechanical stabilizers provide a safe method of working
  • Numerous configurations are available to suit the required method of work including using a snatch or a hanger arm.

Tekniske Data

Thermal Engine / Power380 hp at 1,900 rpm
Drilling distanceFrom 4.5 to 6.25 m
Lisfting winch4,000 daN
Drilling speed25 rpm
Drilling torque1,200 m.daN
Drilling diameter400 / 600 / 900 mm
Maximum load on stabilizers12 t
Crane performances- 6,000 daN at 6 m height and 1.6 m offset

- 600 daN at 13,6 m and 4.1 m offset
Maximum speed on road90 km/h
Suspension typeLeaf springs and rubber shock absorbers
Maximum speed on rail40 km/h
Minimum curvature radius80 m
Maximum cant180 mm
Maximum gradient4%
GaugeFrom 1,000 to 1,676 mm

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Hanger arm

Technical details are for information only

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