Digital coachscrewing machine

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  • The TDH2 offers you high precision and repeatability using electronic control and a hydrostatic transmission
  • The TDH2 gives you auditable traceability with all tightening data and the GPS locations stored electronically
  • With the integrated digital screen, the TDH2 allows simple preselection of tightening torque and fastening type while the height adjustable  handling arms, allow your operators ergonomic comfort
  • The output is maximised by using two tightening  & thress untightening speeds  allowing speedy installation of screws and high untightening torque capacity.

Tekniske Data

Maximum unscrewing torque110 daN.m
Number of tightening speeds3 with hydraulic control
Traversing trolleyyes
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,075 x 540 x 906 mm
MassApprox. 110 kg (machine only)

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Lighting system
Self-braking trolley
Protective cover
Protective cover

Technical details are for information only

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