Heavy duty coachscrewing machine

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  • The TS2 is perfect for intensive operations which require high output performance
  • Unbolting is easy as the machine offers a high untightening torque while tightening is managed through a two speed gear box, allowing you to achieve optimum efficiency
  • The TS2 is economical due to its sturdy design and low maintenance requirements, saving you money over the life of the machine

Tekniske Data

Engine(s)Petrol, diesel or electric
Maximum unscrewing torque128 daN.m
Number of tightening speeds2
Traversing trolleyyes as an option
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,035 x 585x 900 mm
Massapprox. 120 kg (machine only)

Technical details are for information only


Lighting system
Socket holder
Self-Braking trolley
Lifting ring
Emergency push stop button
Torque controller
Fishbolting device

Technical details are for information only

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