Heavy duty multipurpose clipper

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  • You will be able to insert & extract a wide variety of clips (E-clip, PR, fastclip, safelock, surelock,…) using its various clipping heads
  • Increased efficiency by the insertion and extraction of two clips at a time.  You will make work easy with its high output ranging from 900 to 1600 clips / hour depending on the the type of clip and head
  • Insertion or extraction of a clip by a single push of the control lever, saving you time and energy – working in cycle mode

Tekniske Data

Engine(s)Petrol or diesel
OutputFrom 900 to 1,600 clips per hour
PowerUp to 29 kN

Technical details are for information only


Clipping head T6 for Fast Clips
Clipping head T7 For E-clips
Others clipping tools

Technical details are for information only

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