Hydraulic 4-way Mobile Straightening Press

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  • The PHRML offers you the options of fully automated operation with no operator or semi automatic with some degree of operator intervention
  • It offers you a high degree of precision due to its integrated laser system, giving you accurate rail straightness suitable for high speed networks
  • The PHRML is designed to straighten the rail in 4 directions with its powerful rams

Tekniske Data

Vertical ram force2,500 kN (250T)
Vertical ram stroke100 mm
Horizontal ram force1,200 kN (120T)
Horizontal rams stroke+/- 100mm
Sliding anvil-blocks rangeFrom 600 mm to 1,500 mm
Ram moving speedFrom 0 to 1,500 mm/min
Straightening tool speed4,800 mm/min
Machine stroke+/- 1,000 mm
Driving speed of the machine10 m/min
Hydraulic power- Straightening 22 kW, 315 bar

- Auxiliary functions 9 kW, 120 bar
Hydraulic oil tank630 l
Total power onboardApprox. 38 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)6,000 x 3,700 x 3,200 mm (machine with its trolley)
Mass of the mobile machine21,000 kg

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Measuring range on 1m or 1.5m or 3m basis
Machine stationary or mobile
200 tonnes version with stationary straigthening tool
350 tonnes version

Technical details are for information only

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