Hydraulic spike puller

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  • Hydraulic Spike puller model AS3 is an ergonomic machine designed  to remove cut or hairpin spikes with minimal effort on the operator.
  • Due to its simple lightweight design the AS3 will be the best deal for all spike pulling requirements.
  • The stability of the extraction tools provides full safety to the operator
  • Its sturdy and the low maintenance design provides you a high reliability rate of your spike puller

Tekniske Data

Extraction force4 300 daN
Gauges1,435 mm (others on request)
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,050 x 600 x 1,040 mm (may change according to type of engines and tools)
MassApprox 130 kg (depends of engines type and extraction tools)

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Extraction tools for dogspikes
Extraction tools for lockspikes

Technical details are for information only

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