• The LWR Mobile Unloading System EMD consists of either a rail-road or a rail bounded trailer which is connected via an adjustable tow bar to a Long Welded Rails Wagon on which is mounted a wagon end guiding assembly.  A second adjustable tow bar connects a forward guiding trolley to the road-rail trailer.
  • Easy to operate, the road-rail version of the EMD gives you access to the worksite by road or by rail
  • Autonomous and un-reliant on the rail transporting train the EMD is an efficient way to unload long welded rails
  • During operation, the rails are continually guided and can be unloaded into 3 possible positions depending on local standards.

Tekniske Data

Type of railAll flat bottom rails
Working speed5 km/h
Maximum gradient3% (other on request)
Trailers detailsThe rail road trailer comprising:

- A jack-up table with two trolleys actuated by rams;

- An hydraulic pack;

- An electric power pack for the four floodlights;

- A radio remote control box for hydraulic functions;

- Two tool cabinets, two poles for the floodlights and two foldable lifting

brackets with a manual winch of maximum loading 500 kg.
Remote-controlYes with 2 batteries
Dimensions 5,480 x 2,510 x 1,300 mm
Wheel profilesUIC - Approx 280 mm of diameter
Engine(s)Petrol or diesel
Coupling barForward and rear telescopic system
Mass3,500 kg

Technical details are for information only


Lighting for nightworks
60 kN Rail pullermodel ATR6-EMD

Technical details are for information only

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