Precision coachscrewing machine

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  • The TPAS offers you an extremely accurate torque control due to its hydraulic servo valves. The TPAS is designed for all kinds of screws including those used with elastic fasteners
  • Because of its 2 speed gear box tightening system, the TPAS is suitable for all track renewal and maintenance operations, making it a versatile asset for your infrastructure based needs
  • The hydraulic torque limiting device, which is clearly readable in any condition allows you to pre-select the tightening torque to optimise operational performance

Tekniske Data

Engine(s)Petrol, diesel or electric
Maximum unscrewing torque103 daN.m
Number of tightening speeds2
Traversing trolleyyes
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,920 x 530 x 925 mm
MassApprox. 100 kg (machine only)

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LED Lighting system
Protective cover
Double gauge for traversing trolley
Auto-braking traversing trolley
Torque control equipment

Technical details are for information only

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