Rail carbide sawing and drilling machine

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  • You can minimise your operational costs with the SPC 38/6 which requires no operator and is the only carbide machine on the market offering the efficiency of an hydraulically driven saw blade
  • The machine is designed to be almost silent and with no vibration ensuring that the machine achieves a very high number of cuts before the blade needs sharpening. The longevity of the blades life keeps your running costs low
  • You are guaranteed a perfectly square cut with a very high quality surface due to the SPC 38/6’s unique design
  • The drilling and sawing operations are effected simultaneously in the same duration thereby assuring you of high production output

Tekniske Data

Diameter of blade630, 660, 710, 800 or 810 mm
Continuous adjustment of the rotation speed70 rpm max.
Fast forward speed of the blade6,000 mm/min
Continuously adjustable blade feed rate600 mm/min max
Blade stroke350 mm
Vertical rail clamping (4 rams)4 x 35 kN
Horizontal rail clamping (4 rams)2 x 35 kN blade side + 2 x 9 kN outside of the machine
Drilling units2
Number of drilling spindles2 x 3
Spindle diameter38 mm max
Spindle power2 x 3 x 11 kW à 1,500 tr/min
Spindle rotating speedAdjustable from 800 to 2,000 rpm
Fast forward speed of the drilling units4,000 mm/min
Working forward speed of the drilling units (continuously adjustable)600 mm/min max
Drilling unit stroke500 mm
Adjustable distance between the first drill bit and the sawing blade sectionFrom 45 mm to 440 mm
Adjustable distance between the second drill bit and the sawing blade sectionFrom 125 mm to 525 mm
Adjustable distance between the third drill bit and the sawing blade sectionFrom 205 mm to 605 mm
Distance between 2 adjacent drill bitsFrom 80 mm to 480 mm
Distance between the 2 furthest drill bits560 mm max
Adjustable drilling height above rail footFrom 45mm to 85mm
Hydaulic power- Rotating blade 75 kW at 1500tr/min

- Auxiliary functions 15 kW at 1500ltr/min
Hydraulic oil tank630 l
Pneumatic power to be supplied by customer7 Nm³ at 6 bars
Total power on boardApprox. 180 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)4,400 x 2,900 x 2,500 mm
Mass17,000 kg

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