Rail Changer

  • You will find using the PSR  to be the most simple method to change or to move rails laterally due to an efficient design
  • It offers you user friendly operation with its lightweight and robust design but easily adjustable for a good working height and horizontal positioning
  • Suitable for all environment, its versatile design assures you perfect operation with any flat bottom or grooved rails

Tekniske Data

Lifting typeChain winch or electric
Stroke of the vertically adjustable leg400 mm (from 920 mm to 1,320 mm)
Useful transversal stroke1,520 mm
Lifting force1,000 daN (1 ton)
Type of railsFlat bottom or grooved
Mass115 kg (without accessories)
Mass of the heaviest element≈ 76 kg

Technical details are for information only


SNCF certified version
3 meters beam
Automatic brake on winch trolley ensuring the winch stops in any position
Four roller rail clamp for flat bottom rail
Grooved rail clamp

Technical details are for information only

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