TH 70 VLA Strekkapparat

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  • Offering you the benefit of lightweight elements, the TH70 and TH120 can be assembled and disassembled by 2 operators in only a few minutes
  • The obstructionless design of the equipment allow trains to run while the equipment is installed in track permitting unrestricted use of the TH 70/120
  • Designed to work with all types of rails and in all environments this unit would be valuable asset to your fleet of equipment

Tekniske Data

Engine(s)Thermic, electric & manual
GaugesFrom 900 to 1,676 mm
StrokeUp to 109 tons
CertificationSNCF, Renfe…
Massfrom 260 to 295 (480 kg for TH120)
Mass of the heaviest elementFrom 33 kg to 45 kg (135 kg for TH120)

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