Road-rail all-terrain dumper

  • The RR7000 is a modular off-road vehicle that can be configured multiple ways including as a loading platform, a crane or with a loading bucket
  • It’s a reliable vehicle dedicated to working in extreme conditions. It is suitable for all ground conditions : mud, sand, snow
  • The ergonomic cabin with a 180 ° rotating seat and viewing camera allows the operator to have a perfect visibility of the working area

Tekniske Data

Motorisation / Thermic powerDiesel - 4 cylinders - 118 HP
Maximum load in flatbed9 tons
Maximum load when towing1 ton
Inside/Outside turning radius4 m / 6,5 m
Maximum road and rail speed25 km/h
Maximal road slope40,0 %
Maximal rail slope4,0 %
Track gaugefrom 1000 mm to 1678 mm
Maximum cant180 mm (on a 1435 mm track gauge)

Technical details are for information only

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