Track grinding rail-road vehicle

  • Powerful and compact, The Geismar Road-Rail grinding vehicle provides an efficient and modular solution for grinding operations on track. Its advanced road-rail system means the V2R-M can be delivered and set up on site quickly.
  • Ideal for urban networks, our Road-Rail grinding vehicle gives you the flexibility to perform preventive grinding operations as well as the correction of localized corrugation and rail profile.
  • Thanks to its remote control, the grinding module is easy and safe to use. Moreover, grindstone life is maximised because the profile is analysed and the optimum grinding depth set.
  • The versatility of our V2R Road-Rail system means we can provide vehicle designs to assist you in many operations such as equipment handling, track cleaning, brushing or even vehicle recovery.

Tekniske Data

Road-Rail truck technical datas
Motorisation / PowerDiesel - 6 cylinders
Number of seat3
Maximum admissible load in platformUp yo 3.3 tonnes
Minimal curvature radius50 m
Maximal slope4,5%
Maximal cant110 mm with 1435 mm gauge
Maximum speed on rail 35 km/h (vehicle only)
Maximum speed on road90 km/h
GaugeFrom 1,000 to 1,678 mm
Grinding module technical datas
ControlBy remote control
Grinding stone number8 i.e. 4 per side
Grindstone rotation speed5000 rpm
Grinding speedUp to 5 km/h

Technical details are for information only


Various couplers
Cleaning module
Brushing module
Crane for handling operations

Technical details are for information only

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