Track & turnout panel laying method for tilting wagon

  • The PWP offers you the methodology to work quickly and efficiently in a safe manner to lay track, switches or turnouts from a panel transportation tilting wagon
  • The machines are compatible with other track laying methods (such as PEM-LEM & SPAC) and offer you the ability to work on any network in a wide variety of applications
  • The PWP’s unique design helps to avoid deformation of turnouts during handling and installation.
  • Keeping your safety first, the PWP is capable of working in safe conditions with a user friendly remote control, providing accuracy and safety together

Tekniske Data

Switch laying and removal gantries - PWP 808
Engine(s)Soundproof diesel / 42 kW
Lifting force20,000 daN (20 tons)
Lifting stroke2,700 mm
Lateral slewing stroke2,000 mm
Longitudinal slewing stroke1,000 mm
Maximum feet opening6,000 mm
Lateral offset of the clamp box1,800 mm
Auxiliary feet stroke830 mm
Remote controlledYes
Mass≈ 11,000 kg

Technical details are for information only

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