Track welding road-rail vehicle

  • The V2R-W offers efficient in-track rail welding to suit all railway environments. The modular concept with proven clamping system guarantees you a high quality weld every time
  • The welding operation is controlled by the specialised integrated software which records and analyses the various weld parameters to ensure the perfect weld
  • The articulated weld head arm is manipulated by remote control allowing operation from a safe position, keeping your operators and site workforce safe while allowing great visibility of the weld area

Tekniske Data

Engine(s) / PowerDiesel - 6 cylinders
MassApprox. 32,5 t
Maximum gradient4%
Rail gaugeFrom 1,000 to 1,678 mm
Maximum rail speed30 km/h
Maximum road speed90 km/h
Maximum forging strength1,200 kN min.
Maximum clamping strength3,000 kN min.
Welding control parametersVoltage, intensity, forging force,
material consumption

Technical details are for information only

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